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Strain Review – Pure Gold

Pure Gold Marijuana
4.5 stars
4.5 stars – Excellent

Indica: 65% | Sativa: 35%

THC Content: 16%


Pure Gold is an Indica dominant hybrid strain, found mostly in California. It is highly effective for helping with anxiety, restlessness or lack of appetite. Having a low amount of CBD content, Pure Gold is less effective in treating conditions such as seisure disorders. The strain does provide a great sense of relaxation feel all over your body, which makes it a go to choice at the end of a long, hard day. Be prepared for couch lock when endulging.

Pure Gold boast bright green buds that are overtaken with orange hairs and a large amount of crystals. It has wonderful hints of lemon within its skunky, loud aroma. This strain is very delicious as well, and has some underlying citrus and vanilla taste to compliment the woody flavor.

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Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy

Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief, Insomnia, Appetite


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