Here at All American Buds our Mission is to Give Back


Give hope to the homeless and disabled US Veterans

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We Need Your Support To Assist Veterans

Hundreds of disabled veterans in the District of Columbia have been reduced to panhandling in the streets after bravely defending our freedom., Many of those same people  will sleep on the street tonight. Men and women who courageously put their lives on the line to defend our freedom deserve better. As Americans, it is our social responsibility to ensure our Veterans are not disregarded.  Join us to make an impact and strengthen our community by giving back.

Support Your Local Veterans!


How Your Donation Helps

The support that is offered to our Washington D.C Veterans who have returned pales in comparison to the sacrifices they have made for us as a whole. As a community, we can attempt to alleviate their sufferings and challenges. Your donations will help give material support and appreciation to local homeless or disabled Veteran With your support, we can sponsor at least one Veteran a month with the following acts of appreciation:

  • Give Veterans meals from a local restaurant in Washington, D.C.
  • Sponsor hotel accommodations
  • Deliver blankets and coats to Veterans in the area
  • Distribute cell phones or Cell phone service for veterans.
  • Sponsor rides to and from doctors appointments, shelters and other important places

Make a Donation!


For your kind donation, you will get a pack or two of quality rolling papers, and give hope to Veterans in the Washington, D.C. area in need! We also include an I-71 compliant gift, just for being compassionate enough to help.


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